Work with health providers and LGBTQIA+ organizations to educate on gender affirming care and build bridges between the queer community and its providers.​


EMM’s Mission:

Nonprofit organization providing open access medical education and combating healthcare issues nationwide.


Ongoing LGBTQIA+ topics are identified through collaborations with local Denver organization the Queer Umbrella as part of a new longitudinal effort to raise awareness of health disparities affecting the LGBTIQ+ community


In recognition and celebration of Pride Month, The Queer Umbrella has teamed up with Emergency Medical Minute to produce educational content focusing on the LGBTQIA+ community. Stay tuned as we roll out episodes seeking to highlight the diverse needs within this community and explore intersectional approaches to emergency medicine. Instead of limiting this mission to Pride Month, we plan to continue to provide educational content to support this community and uplift LGBTQIA+ health providers and their practices all year long.

Podcast 685: Cultural Sensitivity with LGBTIQ+ Patients

Educational Takeaways:

  • Use transgender people’s correct names and pronouns, the Russell study found a 56% reduction in suicide behavior with chosen name usage
  • ⅕ to ½ of transgender people report they avoided seeking care in the ED because of fear of transphobic treatment
  • Understanding the definitions of gender identity, gender expression, assigned sex at birth, physical attraction, and emotional attraction are necessary for improving treatment of the LGBTIQ+ community
  • Explain reasons for asking questions that address physical characteristics and/or sexual attraction
  • Lastly, if you make a mistake simply correct the mistake, apologize, and immediately move on

MOTHER Lab’s Mission:

To address and eradicate inequities Black women face, through research, advocacy, and mentorship by confronting and dismantling the system that enables and perpetuates racism for Black women who give birth.


Black LGBTQ+/Queer Maternal Health Content Series for June 2021