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Our mission is to grow and connect LGBTQIA+ leaders to collectively transform inclusion and amplify impact in the workplace.​

Queer Rounds

In our Queer Rounds series, we lead the conversation, you bring your passion and curiosity, and together among other leaders we’ll brainstorm actionable solutions to build a more inclusive future.

Who we are

We are a queer community congregator and facilitator of local, national, and international collective action to affect lasting change and community resilience. 

What we’re up to

The Queer Umbrella partners with LGBTQIA+ leaders to engage in collaborative conversations of innovation and vision for a bolder, more inclusive future. Our discussion series are an opportunity for engaged constituents to uplift and empower the voices of your company’s LGBTQIA+ members. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for businesses to address and impact LGBTQIA+ social problems.

Be a part of our conversations and…

  • Strengthen the networks and connections among LGBTQIA+ leaders across all sectors

  • Share inclusive business practices amongst each other and identify action items for support and innovation for your programs

  • Create a coalition across all industries for queer advocacy and acceptance, and build a network of collaboration for queers.

  • Be inspired by your peers!

  • Build trust with other queer community members (and customers) through demonstrating transparent, accountable business practices.

We partner with organizations and individuals across all sectors and industries looking to drive innovation and LGBTQIA+ inclusion.

Past Series:

Queer Rounds: Rainbow Capitalism

Round 1:

Employee Resource Groups and Their Potential For Impact

Round 2:

Safe and Queer-Affirming Spaces

Wednesday, May 19

5pm MST (7pm EST)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are evolving and so is their potential – LGBTQIA+ ERGs can leverage its population of engaged, queer leaders within and outside of their companies to reach and activate the queer community.



This discussion will focus on connecting entire ERG communities and sharing expertise, resources, and best practices for sustainability and infrastructure.

The collaborative and innovative nature of ERGs opens the door to not only growing the next generation of LGBTQIA+ leaders, but also creating business opportunities and support systems in new, groundbreaking ways.


We will examine how to combine our energy, resources, connections, and passion to create an ecosystem of queer activism and leadership that lifts all groups and individuals simultaneously.

Wednesday, May 26

5pm MST (7pm EST)

Queer spaces provide power, safety, validity, and security for the LGBTQIA+ community. How can different industries work together to aid in providing critical, affirming resources and cultivate community?

While most queer spaces are centered around nightlife and drinking, there is a serious lack of affirming resources and social support, especially for young LGBTQIA+ adults. 

Safe and queer spaces are necessary now more than ever. How can different industries work together to aid in providing critical, affirming resources and cultivate community?


We will discuss the most pressing issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community, and identify resources and support for creating safer spaces for queer people – in restrooms, sports, social and professional circles, and everywhere.

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